LH-3000, LH-3000-CG



Do not open the equipment.

Only qualified personnel should work inside the equipment.

Do not disassemble or modify the equipment.

Fire, electrical shock or serious injury can result.

Do not place liquid-filled containers on the top of the equipment.

Fire or electrical shock can result if a liquid spills into the equipment.

Immediately turn off the power at the switchboard if the equipment is emitting smoke or fire.

Continued use of the equipment can cause fatal damage to the equipment. Contact a FURUNO agent for service.

Make sure no rain or water splash leaks into the equipment.

Fire or electrical shock can result if water leaks in the equipment.

Keep heater away from equipment.

A heater can melt the equipment's power cord, which can cause fire or electrical shock.

Use the proper fuse.

Use of a wrong fuse can result in damage to the equipment.


Do not use the equipment for other than its intended purpose.

Use of the equipment for other than its intended purpose may result in damage to the equipment or cause bodlily injury.

Observe the following compass safe distances to prevent interference to a magnetic compass:





A Word to the Owner of the LH-3000, LH-3000-CG

Congratulations on your choice of the FURUNO Loud Hailer LH-3000, LH-3000-CG. We are confident you will see why FURUNO has become synonymous with quality and reliability.

For over 50 years FURUNO Electric Company has enjoyed an enviable reputation for innovative and dependable marine electronics equipment. This dedication to excellence is furthered by our extensive global network of agents and dealers.

Your Loud Hailer is designed and constructed to meet the rigorous demands of the marine environment. However, no machine can perform its intended function unless installed, operated and maintained properly. Please carefully read and follow the recommended procedures for installation, operation and maintenance.

We would appreciate hearing from you, the end-user, about whether we are achieving our purposes.

Thank you for considering and purchasing FURUNO equipment.


???Two types of specifications are available: LH-3000 and LH-3000-CG (for U.S. Coast Guard). The two are almost identical; the LH-3000-CG is additionally equipped with a Siren Mode. (Unless otherwise noted ???LH-3000??? refers to both LH-3000 and LH-3000-CG.)

???30 W audio output power to get another boat???s attention under almost any condition.

???Eight internationally accepted warning signals can be selected for automatic operation for a variety of different maritime situations alerting nearby vessels of your presence and status in low visibility conditions.

???Four intercom stations (speakers) may be connected to get 2-way communications between master station and one or all intercom stations.

???LED indicators alert you to equipment status.

???Keys are backlit for nighttime operation.

???Smartly designed and intuitive front panel for ease of operation.

???An auxiliary audio input allows transmission of music or other external audio signals (from cassette player, CD player, radio, etc.) to the intercom speakers, external horns or both.




External Speaker

System configuration

Remote Microphone

Auxiliary Audio


Alarm Sensor

:Standard Supply

:Optional Supply

:Local Supply


Standard supply

Optional supply



1.1 Mounting the Loud Hailer

The Loud Hailer can be mounted on a desktop, on the overhead, on a bulkhead or flush mounted in a panel (optional kit required). Refer to the mounting template (supplied) for installation instructions.

Mounting considerations

When planning the location for the Loud Hailer, keep in the mind the following considerations.

???Locate the unit where the front panel can be easily viewed and operated.

???Leave sufficient space at the sides and rear of your unit for ease of maintenance.

???Locate the unit as near to the power source as possible.

???The location should be out of direct sunlight because of heat that can build up inside the cabinet.

???Choose a location not subject to rain and salt spray.

???Locate the unit well away from sources of noise such as motors, alternators and generators.

Mounting procedure

Desktop, bulkhead, overhead mounting

1.Attach rubber cushions (supplied) to the body of the Loud Hailer. Position the cushions so they locate across from the bottom of the slot in the hanger regardless of mounting method.

Rubber cushion

2.Fix the hanger to the mounting location with tapping screws (6x20).

3.Screw knob bolts into the Loud Hailer.

4.Set the Loud Hailer to the hanger and tighten knob bolts.



Flush mounting

Requires flush mount kit LH-3020 (Code No. 000-149-112). See the flush mount outline drawing for details.

Contents of flush mount kit

1.Make a cutout in the mounting location referring to flush mount outline drawing.

2.Place the Loud Hailer in the cutout.

3.Fix the two flush mounting plates to the Loud Hailer with screws.

4.Screw the wing nuts on the wing screws.

5.Fix the Loud Hailer with the wing bolts and then tighten the wing nuts.

Loud hailer, flush mount



1.2 Intercom Speaker (option)

Four intercom speakers (maximum) may be connected to get 2-way communications between master station and one or all intercom speakers. For mounting dimensions and fixing instructions, see the outline drawing.

Intercom speaker



1.3 Wiring

All equipment are terminated at the rear panel of the LH-3000. See the illustration on the next page for how to connect equipment to terminals. Refer to the interconnection diagram for detailed information.

Rear panel layout





Connect drain wires of armored cables to the ground terminal.

Do not short them to the heat sink.

LH-3000, rear panel




The illustration below shows how to connect the power supply. Other equipm ent are connected similarly.

(1) Unfasten screws.


(3) Insert wire into terminal, and tighten screw at top of terminal.

LH-3000, rear panel, how to wire terminals



be connected to the negative t erminal on the DC power source. If the power leads are rev ersed the fuse (inside t he Loud Hailer) will blow.

Intercom speaker (option)

Up to four intercom speakers may be connected to the intercom speaker terminals labeled CAL1-CAL4. Connect eachspeaker to the terminal block according to desired intercom speaker selection. The cable end is prefabricated. Howev er,to meet EMC requ irements the length of the cable must be less than 1 m. If the distance between the Loud Hailer and

intercom speaker is greater than 2 m ( max. 20 m) , use a j unction box (l ocal supply) . For the connection to the j unction box use cabletype CO-SPEVV-SB-C 0.2X2P (opt ion) an d

fabricate it as below. In this case, theengthl of the cable between the j unction box and an intercom speaker must no be more than 1 m regardless of whether the equipm ent must meet EMC require ments or not.

Distance between loud hailer and intercom speaker is 2-20 m.


Outer sheath Inner sheath

11 7

Remove the outer sheath and armor by 45 mm.

Remove the inner sheath by 11 mm, and the sheath of the cores by 7 mm.

Twist and trim the shield.

Fabrication of speaker cable



Hailer horn (local supply)

Mount the hailer horns (local supply) facing away from the Loud Hailer to prevent feedback. The