Ultrasonic Weather Station and Nav Repeater

weather station functions with rd30

Apparent and true wind speed and direction

Barometric Pressure

Air Temperature

Relative humidity

GPS Lat/Lon

Compass, heading

Furuno???s RD30 & PB100 - The Ultimate Weather Station

Updated vessel weather information is an essential part of the boating experience. Furuno has joined forces with Airmar to bring you the Ultimate Weather Station! By combining Furuno???s popular RD30 Nav Data Repeater with the PB100 Weather Station, you can now display important weather information in a large, easy-to-read format. As an added bonus, the PB100 has been fitted with a state-of-the-art Furuno GPS sensor, allowing you to utilize the PB100 as a back-up GPS sensor. With our Ultimate Weather Station, you have your own personal weatherman on-board the boat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

PB100 features at a glance:

???Measures wind speed and direction without any moving parts

???Continuous operation in adverse weather conditions

???Standard 1" mount accommodates existing mounting hardware

???Quick disconnect for easy removal

???NMEA0183 compatible

???Internal Furuno GPS sensor standard

???Internal compass standard for true wind speed and direction computation

???Optional combiner interface allows PB100 to be displayed simultaneously on both the RD30 and a PC

RD30 features at a glance:

???Organizes data from PB100 or any NMEA0183 device you prefer

???4.5" Silver Bright LCD

???Low power consumption ??? less than 2 Watts

???Audible alarms for temperature, course error, ship speed, cross track error, depth and arrival

???Positive display of own ship position, apparent and true wind, air temperature, barometric pressure, dew point tempera- ture, relative humidity, wind chill, water temperature, depth and more

???Match with Furuno Smart Sensor for depth readings as shallow as 2 feet

Customize the RD30 screen to show the weather information that is important to you either numerically or graphically.

technical specifications

PC and Furuno RD-30 connection

Furuno RD30, Smart Sensor and PC

Additional features available with PC, including: Dew point temperature, Wind chill temperature and Pitch & Roll

Optional Combiner


Furuno RD30 direct

Furuno NavNet 1/vx2 through RD30


???? MM v

 MM v



???? MM v

209 8.2"

175 6.9"

125 4.9"

(140 5.5")


Note: PB100 reading accuracy may be degraded at temp below 0??C

data output protocol - nmea0183 sentence structure

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